'Time to raise it' report

We're supporting the launch of the 'Time to Raise It' report that looks to remove the shame and stigma associated with erection problems and to put the joy back into sex.

An estimated 5 million men in the UK experience  erection problems (EPs) and it is not just affecting older men, but those in their 20s-30s.

Despite this, there's little research in the public domain about the current incidence levels of EPs. This report, one of the largest of its kind on intimacy, seeks to change that, bringing to light the reality of EPs and encouraging men and their partners to take the first steps towards finding a solution together.

On the surface the reality of EPs for many men is bleak. Not only can EPs  be a sign of underlying conditions which if left unchecked can cause further problems such as heart disease and diabetes, but the sense of failure and perceived loss of masculinity that many men feel as a result of EPs can also cause them to retreat from themselves, their partners and life.

EPs can have a negative impact on men’s self-esteem, which if left unspoken can have a big impact on their mental health causing depression and anxiety. And men are not the only ones left feeling isolated, anxious or under pressure. Partners can assume the worst: “he’s having an affair,” “he doesn’t love me anymore,” or “he has a chronic health illness. For too many men, EPs are unnecessarily damaging self-esteem, relationships, sex, love and intimacy.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. This new research has found that simply talking openly about the issue – with a partner, a friend or a healthcare professional – can help to relieve the  burden that so many men and their partners feel. That’s exactly why we’re supporting the launch of the Time to Raise It movement to reduce the shame and stigma associated with erection problems and put the joy back into sex.

At a time when intimacy is being threatened more than ever before it is now time to speak up, and break this neverending cycle of silence around EPs, so that men and their partners can work together to find a solution and enjoy their sex lives once more. 

To find out more on how you can get involved, please visit the Time to Raise It Facebook page:

The Time to Raise It report was developed and funded by Upjohn.

Time To Raise It report (PDF, 725kb)