Man Manual Sources: Beat Stress, Feel Better

References and images used in the Beat Stress, Feel Better publication

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A list of sources for the Beat Stress, Feel Better man manual, published Sept 2014, follows:

What causes stress (page 6):

Work and stress (page 6): 

Drink and drugs (page 10):

  • The US National Institute of Health holds this opinion. The NIH frequently takes a position which isn’t founded on solid science. See below for scepticism on such unfounded positions. See NIH website here
  • A 1997 paper holds that the science seems to point to substance induced mood disorders though strikes a balance by stating that “Current beliefs and diagnostic conventions classify drug-induced depression into a distinct category (Substance-Induced Mood Disorder): but this approach is not specifically supported by the existing literature.” Paper is Patten SB, Love EJ, (1997) “Drug Induced Depression”  Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. Web address

SAD (page 8): 

Loneliness (page 12):

Triggers and spotting a spiral (page 14):

Anger (page 15): 

Are you addicted? (page 16): 

Eating (page 17):

Exercise (page 18):

Sing, dance and laugh (page 19):

Talk (page 20)

Write (page 22):

Mindfulness (page 19):

Do what you enjoy (page 21):

Volunteer (page 21):

Learn (page 21):

Sleep (page 22):

Talking Therapies (page 23):

Medication (page 24):

Schizophrenia (page 27):

Depression (page 28):

ADHD  (page 29):

​Photo credits

A list of photographic credits for Beat Stress, Feel Better follows:

Cover:  Sol Searching by Casey Fleser (Creative Commons Licence: CC BY 2.0) (also used on page 25)

Page 5:  Disappointed man - 

Page 9: Love on sand - 

Page 10: Beer Gut by bareknuckleyellow (CC BY 2.0)

Page 13: Angry? by Navaneeth KN (CC BY 2.0)

Page 15: Casio 3157 by Reg Natarajan (CC BY 2.0)

Page 17: Glass of Water - Wikimedia Commons public domain

Page 19: autopilot by Elliott P (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Page 23: Mouth Talking by Travis Rigel Lukas Hornung (CC BY 2.0)

Other images David McCairley and the Men’s Health Forum

The credits were correct as at October 2015.

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