Man Manual Sources: Eat. Drink. Don't Diet

Sources used in the Eat. Drink. Don't Diet publication

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A list of sources for the Eat. Drink. Don't Diet mini-manual, published February 2015, follows:

When to eat (p6)

American Heart Association:

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Eat better, exercise better (p8)


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The Guardian Science News. Doctors call for warnings on energy drinks to prevent caffeine overdose, available at

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Eat Better, Feel Better (p11)

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Eat Better, Have Better Sex (page 14)

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PubMed refs for table p15:

Food FAQS (page 17)

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WHO guidelines on sugar:,

Substitutes and snack attack (p27)  BDA Are you Weight Wise @ Work booklet, pg 5 and BDA Healthier snacking @ work leaflet

NHS Choices. Calories in alcohol. Available at:

Changing life, changing diet (p30)

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http://www.bdaweightwise.comBDA Weight wise tips for shift work leaflet

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http://www.bdaweightwise.comBDA Get fit, get active @ work leaflet

Tips and diet (p33)

NHS Why is my waist size important?

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Additional Books Used:

Brewer S. Nutrition. A Beginners Guide.  One World. 2013

Brewer S. The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements. 2nd Ed. Right Way 2010   

Brewer S. Eat Well, Stay Well.  Connections. 2013


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