Mini Manual Sources: Alcohol and You

Sources used in the Alcohol and You publication

The MHF is committed to fully participating in NHS England’s Information Standard Scheme for health and social care information. We intend to comply with all aspects and requirements of the Scheme Standard.

A list of sources for the Alcohol and You owners workshop manual first published for BAE follows:

Booze news (pages 2-3):
• NHS Choices, Live well. “The risks of drinking too much”, 2012.

True or false (box page 3):
• Royal College of Nursing, DIY Information Sheet “Total Body Water Percentage”.

Fat chance: alcohol and weight (pages 4-5):
• NHS Choices, Live well. “Calories in alcohol”, 2012.

Calories statistics (pages 4 and 5):
• Alcohol Concern. Factsheet “Alcohol and calories”, 2010.

Comparing drinks (box page 5):
• NHS Choices, Live well. “Alcohol units”, 2012.

How alcohol affects you (pages 6-7):
• NHS Choices, Live well. “Calories in alcohol”, 2012.

• NHS Choices, Live well. “The risks of drinking too much”, 2012.

Boozy brains: hangovers (pages 8-10):
• NHS Choices, Live well. “Hangover cures”, 2012.

Work, stress and alcohol (pages 11-12):
• NHS Choices, Conditions. “Struggling with stress?”, 2012.

Exercise (pages 12-13):
• NHS Choices, Conditions. “Get active for mental wellbeing”, 2011.

Relax (page 13):
• NHS Choices, Conditions. “Relaxation tips to relieve stress”, 2011.

Top tipple tips (pages 14-16):
• NHS Choices, Live well. “Tips on cutting down”, 2012.


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