No Frills

Qualitative research into men, health, the internet and Haringey Man MOT

No Frills is the report of the qualitative research conducted to inform the design of Haringey Man MOT.

This research aimed to

  • understand how men currently access local health services and at what point,
  • to explore their experience of using local health care services,
  • understand how men use technology and how they use it for health, and
  • to generate ideas to inform the development of Haringey Man MOT.

It aimed to avoid deep-rooted traditional male gender stereotypes, which are prevalent within society and culture by using qualitative methodology to explore men’s subjective experiences and perspectives. 

Many previous studies in the area of male health seeking behaviour have used homogenous samples of white men from higher socioeconomic groups. This research attempts to redress this balance by using a male sample reflecting ethnic diversity, lower socioeconomic groups and a broad age range. Approximately 65% of the Haringey population is made up of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) groups. 

No Frills: Haringey Man MOT (PDF, 800kb)