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14:00 . 27/11/17 . Partners
The first-ever guide to help men to keep working during or after a cancer diagnosis.
16:15 . 19/07/17 . News
Men's Health Forum is calling on government ministers to reverse the JCVI's interim recommendation not to vaccinate boys against HPV.
13:00 . 17/11/16 . Blog
To accompany today's International Men’s Day debate in Parliament, here are five surprising, but lesser known, facts about men's health.
12:30 . 11/05/16 . News
A powerful men's health story that all men should read.
10:45 . 27/01/16 . News
Will the deaths of Bowie and Rickman do for male cancer what years of campaigning have not?
16:30 . 14/07/14 . Story
US figures show how cancer impacts different ethnic groups.
Prostate cancer survivor and football fan John Walker on why he doesn't support Men United.
15:45 . 07/03/14 . News
At a joint meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Cancer and on Men’s Health, MPs and Peers were briefed on why men more likely to die from most common cancers and what we can do about it.
The report from the Men's Health Forum, Slow On The Uptake?, highlights the paradox of bowel cancer. Although men are more likely than women to die from bowel cancer, they less likely to be screened. The report looks at how screening practice can be improved.
The Men’s Health Forum's report asks why men are more likely to be diagnosed with and to die from nearly all common cancers. The Forum also produced a supporting report with Cancer Research UK and others, highlighting the extent of the problem.