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Accident and Emergency (A&E) Departments are for emergencies. But what's an emergency?
What's the World Cup got to do with diabetes? Well, the odds on you getting diabetes are about the same as on Argentina winning. Still think you don't need our World Cup Survival Guide?
Mehboob Kahan is a doctor with a particular interest in head injury. At the age of 55, he had a heart attack.
In 1995, Tim Lezard underwent 16 hour heart surgery and wasn't expected to survive.
If 442 is not your team’s formation but the number of calories you consume before half-time, you need our Euro 2016 Survival Guide
Everything you need for a tip-top ticker – men's health made easy
The NHS provides screening for two major killers of older men: bowel cancer and AAAs. (You're also entitled to free eye tests at 60.)
Because in life there is no second innings.
How to be good to your ticker. And how to find out your 'heart age'.
AAA is not the American Automobile Association or the Amateur Athletic Association. It stands for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm - a heart problem that can kill instantly but for which screening is available.