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Working with men to improve their health? The Forum's training course to empower you to engage men with your programme is now available ONLINE.
The second 'How to...' guide offers tips on how to engage men with long-term conditions in self-management programmes based on a systematic review.
16:45 . 01/12/16 . Blog
Dunstable programme puts Men's Health Forum research into action.
As a new survey shows that men with ‘macho’ attitudes are more likely to have mental health problems, Jim Pollard argues that reducing the alarming male suicide rates requires a new language as well as new services.
Putting good mental health into health and safety at work.
16:15 . 11/12/15 . News
The Men's Health Forum calls for the next annual report by the CMO to be about the health of men and boys.
Practical, user-friendly best practice advice for everyone designing and delivering health services for men
The third 'How to...' guide offers tips on how to engage men in programmes to boost their mental health.
16:00 . 26/03/15 . News
How to engage men in self-management support is the second in a new series of publications from the Men's Health Forum.