What is #works4me?

It's about sharing suggestions for difficult situations.

#works for me is part of the Men's Health Forum's beatstress.uk service.

What's the difference?
  • beatstress.uk lets you email or text chat with a stress specialist on a one to one basis.
  • #works4me lets us share ideas man to man but together. We post a difficult situation and you tell us what you would do, what works for you and we share it.

But the two services have a lot in common. They're both easy to use, anonymous, confidential and for men.

How do I get involved?

Go to works4me, read the situation and tell us what you'd do. You can use whatever name you like. Obviously we'll see your email but it won't be published anywhere.

After a week or so, we'll have a look at all the suggestions and publish on the site those that seem to be the most useful – around three, maybe more. Then we'll post a new situation.

Why can't I just post and have my suggestion appear online immediately like on a forum or facebook

We reckon people will find it more useful if someone else has had a look first. One of the things we find boring about forums and social media is that a lot of the suggestions and comments are unhelpful. They're inaccurate, irrelevant, abusive or just generally a waste of time. You have to trawl through a lot of flab to find the good stuff. We don't want you to waste your time. And we reckon a place where no rubbish is posted will reduce the tendency that we all have on social media to post stuff without really thinking about it. 

Even if your suggestion isn't posted, the fact that you've thought about a situation will help you deal with it if you ever face it. It's a great way for us to help each other and help ourselves, preserving anonymity but increasing usefulness.

Can I tell you about my situation?

Yes - just go to #works4me and describe what's happening with you. We'll publish new situations regularly but you may have to wait a bit before yours appears. It might not appear at all as we'll have to choose ones which we think will be useful to the highest number of readers.

How do I know when there's a new situation?

Just sign up and we'll let you know. Or look out on twitter and social media.

Can I see previous situations and suggestions?

Yes, there will be links to all previous situations at #works4me.

It's a bit like a 'problem page'?

It builds on the idea of lots of people answering the same problem. In the last five months we've had 13,000 unique visitors to beatstress.uk and more than 27,000 unique visitors if you include all the pages that talk about mental wellbeing. In other words, twice people as many interested in the topic as are using beat stress. We wanted to give those people another option, really and see how they respond. We hope #works4me offers these visitors an opportunity to share thoughts and support other people. Over time, #works4me could help bring real-world experience and insights to others looking for support