is your life online bringing you down?

FREE 'Toolbox Talk' for Men's Health Week 2023: men's health and the internet.

Toolbox Talks are a new product from the Men's Health Forum that aim to put the health back into health and safety.

Toolbox Talks are an easy way to get over key health messages in a short accessible manner. Anyone can use them with any group of men to provide a fun and informative event lasting 15-50 minutes that will help all participants live and work more healthily. 

This one is for Men's Health Week 2023. It has a fun quiz on phone-use and addictions and also discusses 'influencers', what is appropriate for children, whether we should have a 'right to switch off' from work-related contacts and how to tell if you may be becoming addicted.

There are two pages. The first contains a quiz, cartoon and other suggested talking points that will provide stimulus for any trainer regardless of their level of experience.

Page two provides all the 'answers' – a copy can be given to all participants or just used by the trainer to bring the session together around the key learning points.

This toolbox talk includes information about our new manuals which explore two common problems that have been fuelled by the internet: pornography and gambling.

Men's Health and the Internet: Is you life online bringing you down? (PDF, 461kb)