Men's Health Week

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12:15 . 16/06/17 . News
Important new study shows NHS gender weight-loss bias is impacting men’s health
10:45 . 15/06/17 . News
New survey shows many men are still being failed by local authority weight management programmes - although there are exceptions.
Men’s Health Week 2017 is themed around the problem of abdominal obesity – or ‘belly fat’. The research below outlines why:
10:15 . 22/05/17 . News
Men’s Health Week 2017 – which runs from June 12-18 – is going to be themed around the problem of abdominal obesity – or ‘belly fat’ – with men being challenged “Do YOU have a hazardous waist?”
11:00 . 09/06/16 . News
How to survive a 24 team tournament with your health intact.
We all get stressed. The question is: what do you do about it?
In 2009, the Men's Health Forum launched 'Challenges & Choices: Improving health services to save men's lives', which calls for changes in policy and practice to improve men's use of services.
15:15 . 12/06/15 . News
Men are dying because of poor data. To mark Men's Health Week, the Men's Health Forum is writing to all Health & Wellbeing Boards in England asking them to do a better job of analysing the available data on men's health in their area.