Men's Health Week

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#menshealthweek - the key numbers in men's health
Easy to use PDF slide show for waiting rooms or other screens.
17:45 . 12/06/18 . Blog
Why do we keep talking about diabetes and not explaining type 1 and type 2?
10:30 . 11/06/18 . News
New easy-to-read man manual on diabetes for men to mark Men’s Health Week 2018.
12:45 . 08/06/18 . News
The Forum has produced a new World Cup 2018 Survival Guide to mark Men’s Health Week and the start of the World Cup.
Diabetes is decimating men.
10:45 . 01/06/18 . News
Place your order now to get copies by Men's Health Week
12:15 . 16/06/17 . News
Important new study shows NHS gender weight-loss bias is impacting men’s health
10:45 . 15/06/17 . News
New survey shows many men are still being failed by local authority weight management programmes - although there are exceptions.
Men’s Health Week 2017 is themed around the problem of abdominal obesity – or ‘belly fat’. The research below outlines why: