Manual Sources: Your Body, Your Health (2015)

References and images used in Your Body, Your Health - health choices made easy for trans men, trans masculine and non-binary people

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A list of sources for Your Body, Your Health (2015) follows:

How the NHS can help (page 8):

How to handle your hormones (page 13):

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The options up-top (page 22): 

The options down-below (page 27):

How to have the sex you want (page 36):

How to handle your head (page 43):

Looking at your lifestyle (page 48):

Know your rights (page 58): 

​These references were correct at October 2015.

Photo Credits

The photographs for Your Body, Your Health (2015) were taken by Fox Fisher with one image (p43) by Luke Stratta Photography and a number by the men featured themselves. 

The credits were correct as at October 2015.


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