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11:45 . 13/10/22 . Blog
The poo test doesn't sound enticing but guest blogger Simon Clarke reckons it saved his life.
The NHS is still here for you. If you want to stay safe, tell a GP about your symptoms.
For Breast Cancer Awareness Month we reprint one of the first articles to appear in the mainstream UK media about male breast cancer. It was written by Jim Pollard for The Observer in 2000 (articles were a lot longer in those days). Male breast cancer is still a disease we need to be aware of: did you know more men die of breast cancer than testicular cancer?
In a second article on stress ahead of Men's Health Week, Jim Pollard remembers some advice and writes a letter.
12:30 . 11/05/16 . News
A powerful men's health story that all men should read.
Links to all our cancer FAQs
Rugby player Phil Jackson thought he’d got injured in the scrum. It turned out to be bowel cancer.
You can beat this cancer by not being embarrassed to talk about it.
Wandsworth man Moses was diagnosed last year with cancer.
How to spot a dodgy mole.