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Healthier eating made easy - the tasty man manual from the Men's Health Forum.
09:45 . 25/07/14 . Story
Smoking, drinking and drug-taking DOWN in school children.
12:15 . 19/06/14 . News
The essential arm-chair guide to good health during the World Cup (including how to survive a penalty shoot-out)
What to eat and drink and how to survive the penalty shoot out. Download our World Cup survival guide.
If 442 is not your team’s formation but the number of calories you consume before half-time, you need our World Cup Survival Guide
Ian, 40, a musician from north-west England, has paruresis or shy bladder syndrom
David, an IT consultant from the English Midlands, has paruresis or shy bladder syndrome.
Ever been standing at a public urinal and found you couldn't go? You're not the only one. It even has a name - Paruresis.
Who is in charge? You or the booze.