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06:30 . 15/07/14 . News
More than four in ten (42%) of the UK’s unpaid carers are male, dispelling the stereotype that caring is a female issue, according to a new report launched today by Carers Trust and the Men’s Health Forum.
12:00 . 07/07/14 . News
Feeling funny? Bone up on your skeleton puns & win Men's Health Forum Goodies!
12:15 . 19/06/14 . News
The essential arm-chair guide to good health during the World Cup (including how to survive a penalty shoot-out)
13:15 . 13/06/14 . News
Is Your Mate Off His Game - new MHF publications in partnership with Time To Change
09:00 . 13/06/14 . News
The Men's Health Forum has welcomed a report from researchers at Aberdeen University on weight loss programmes
17:00 . 12/06/14 . News
Chat to a GP from the bus
03:00 . 11/06/14 . News
New report shows how men suffer double whammy from joblessness. Services are failing to address the serious health problems worsened by unemployment in men, hampering their chances of finding and retaining a job.
08:30 . 06/06/14 . News
Staying healthy can keep the stress away - here are the Men’s Health Week stress-busting tips.
09:00 . 09/04/14 . News
It's two months until this year's Men's Health Week.
21:00 . 19/03/14 . News
A new regional Men's Health Forum has been formed by a range of people from across London together with the Men's Health Forum. It is hoped it will be first of many.