Tailored health awareness and literacy

MEN'S HEALTH MANIFESTO: Especially among boys

Support school Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) to include:

  • Diet, activity, sexual and mental health, first aid and self-care for men and boys
  • Understanding and using the health system
  • Development of empathy and emotional intelligence and healthy sexual behaviour
  • Tackling mental health stigma
  • Male-tailored information and education – for men and boys
  • Support men’s desire for information about their conditions
  • Invest in building symptom awareness – especially for cancer, obstructive sleep apnoea and depression. Social marketing to support lifestyle change

Why is this important?

  • There are lower levels of health awareness among men than women.
  • One study found that men were than twice as likely as women to have inadequate health literacy.
  • Men are less likely to know how to contact an out-of-hours GP.
  • A large study of British adults found that women were more likely than men to recall seven out of nine cancer warning signs.

Men's life expectancy and deprivation, the social gradient







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