Men's health policies 'significant'

24/11/15 . News

Men's health policies 'can make a significant contribution'.

That's the verdict of former Men's Health Forum CEO Peter Baker, who carried out a formal review of the National Men’s Health Policy (NMHP) in Ireland earlier this year, and now, in a new article, looks at its impact alongside that of similar policies in Brazil and Australia.

According to Peter's major review of the NMHP, which ran in Ireland from 2008-2013, 'much was achieved' despite the enormous impact of the economic downturn in that country. In the new article which also looks at evidence from Brazil and Australia, Peter concludes that 'the evidence from all three countries with national men’s health policies suggests that they are certainly not a panacea, but that they can make a significant contribution.'

The Men's Health Forum's manifesto includes a recommendation for a men's health policy for the UK.