The new coronavirus detected in China in 2019.

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13:30 . 23/03/20 . Blog
Is the reason we're not social distancing that we don't understand why we're being asked to do it?
The Forum's first letter to CEOs of Public Health and Chief Medical Officers in England, Scotland and Wales.
12:15 . 19/03/20 . News
Men are more than twice as likely to die of Covid-19. Why? Government must monitor the Covid-19 epidemic by gender and age.
09:30 . 18/03/20 . Blog
Guest blog on the higher death rates among men from Covid-19
11:30 . 10/03/20 . Blog
The death rate in China from Covid 19 is 2.8% for men compared to 1.7% for women
How can we reduce the impact of the coronavirus Covid-19? (Updated 24th January 2022)