The new coronavirus detected in China in 2019.

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Links to stories on the increased risk of Covid-19 in BAME communities.
13:45 . 19/10/20 . News
Higher death rates among BAME communities are more about socio-economic conditions than underlying health conditions.
13:30 . 05/10/20 . News
If we develop a vaccine, men won't be prioritised despite higher risk.
12:15 . 21/09/20 . News
Professor Alan White calls for action now to reduce the long-term physical and emotional impact of the health of men and women.
12:45 . 15/09/20 . Blog
Anybody can be a men's health champion. Find out more about the Forum's health champion training.
15:45 . 18/08/20 . News
Discount on pre-publication orders.
Martin was just 42 when Covid-19 struck in March 2020.
Mike was one of the first people hospitalised with Covid-19 back in February. The virus has attacked nearly every part of his body.
17:00 . 03/08/20 . News
How To Live In A Covid World: A Practical Guide for Men available now.
How To Live In A Covid World: a practical guide for men - available in hard copy, ebook and Kindle