The new coronavirus detected in China in 2019.

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Health information about the virus including risk, symptoms and testing (Updated 24th January 2022)
16:30 . 09/06/20 . News
The Forum's events and resources for Men's Health Week. Events all on Zoom.
Eric is in his 60s and recovering from a blood cancer.
10:15 . 04/06/20 . News
New research shows that social distancing reduces risk and the risk reduction appears to double with each metre.
Statistics for Covid-19 deaths for English regions (based on ONS figures from 13 May)
Let's talk even if we're social-distancing
Five tried and tested ways to feel better right now.
When should we start worrying about how much we're worrying?
John is philosophical about death but says Covid-19 and social distancing have taken away more than just people.
14:15 . 12/05/20 . News
Men in jobs that cannot be done from home are most likely to be killed by Covid-19.