The new coronavirus detected in China in 2019.

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Lennie is an IT instructor from London. He’s had Covid-19.
17:30 . 07/05/20 . News
ONS number-crunching shows the impact on BAME communities.
15:15 . 07/05/20 . News
A new series of articles looking at the experience of men during the pandemic.
The helpline teams on the domestic abuse frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.
16:45 . 04/05/20 . News
New data shows men are twice as likely to die as women from Covid-19 - and deprivation seriously compounds the risk.
We need clear, frank targeted communication both on Covid-19 and the measures taken to tackle it.
We need more gender-sensitive research into both Covid-19 and the measures taken to tackle it.
All data and statistics must include gender.
13:15 . 01/05/20 . News
The Forum's response to a UK parliament enquiry into Covid-19 makes six key recommendations.
13:00 . 01/05/20 . News
Men are the majority of both Covid-19 deaths and of other unexplained excess deaths in this period.