The new coronavirus detected in China in 2019.

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13:00 . 01/05/20 . News
Men are the majority of both Covid-19 deaths and of other unexplained excess deaths in this period.
12:45 . 01/05/20 . News
The gender divide in Covid-19 appears particularly marked in the medical profession.
The Men's Health Forum's response in full to the UK parliament's Women & Equalities Committee Enquiry on Covid-19
Gender based statistics for Covid-19 deaths (last updated 28th July 2021)
11:45 . 30/04/20 . News
The first academic paper on gender and Covid-19 confirms increased male risk.
Charlie, a nurse practitioner describes another tough 12 hour shift with male patients on a Covid-19 ward in a London hospital.
Our April 2020 webinar in full
18:00 . 20/04/20 . News
Forum welcomes publication of Covid-19 death data by ethnicity but where is the gender breakdown?
15:15 . 17/04/20 . News
Missing the London Marathon? This is a fun new way to support the UK's charities.
12:30 . 17/04/20 . News
Friday, April 24th, 2020 at 2pm