The new coronavirus detected in China in 2019.

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People ill with Covid-19 can experience many varied and debilitating symptoms long after the initial virus has passed.
FAQs on the various vaccines for Covid-19 (Updated 24th January 2022)
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Will you be vaccinated? Please complete our quick survey.
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Families can get together for Christmas 2020. But what will you do?
The NHS is still here for you. If you want to stay safe, tell a GP about your symptoms.
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Developing a vaccine is one challenge. Persuading folk to have it is another.
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Latest ONS figures
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To maximise the uptake of a vaccine, we need messaging that is sensitive to different attitudes and behaviours.
Test and Trace statistics for Covid-19 in England.
Andrew was just 28 when he got Covid-19 in March 2020.