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Whatever your age or fitness levels, men are at higher risk of Covid-19. We answer the common questions…

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Men at greater risk of Covid-19

Whatever your age or fitness levels, men are at higher risk of Covid-19. In fact, if you live with a woman of the same age, you are, on average, twice as likely to die of Covid-19 as she is. Yes, you read that right.

Get informed about Covid-19 to protect yourself and your family and friends. Thousands and thousands of men have already died in the UK and many, many more are or have been seriously ill. While most deaths are in older people, young people can still be very seriously affected. 'Long covid' can endure for months and months after the initial infection. 

The Men's Health Forum are campaigning for more information, more research and for a more-targeted approach that takes gender into account and other differences too. Race is an example. People from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are at higher risk too meaning black men are at particularly high risk.

Get the vaccine. Wear a mask. Social distance. Minimise risk.

The laws around Covid-19 and our behaviour may change. But the basic facts around the virus don't change at all. There are no laws about crossing the road but most of us still look before we do it. It's a quick, easy precaution that massively reduces the risk. The same applies to Covid-19. 

  • get vaccinated
  • wear a mask - and social distance as far as possible
  • avoid unnecessary travel
  • be air-aware - the highest risk is indoors. Risk increases with time and with the number of people you come in contact with. Open windows, stay as far away from others as possible - even in another room. Talking can spread droplets far and wide.
  • wash your hands regularly and well and follow government hygiene guidance.

These quick, easy precautions will:

  • reduce your risk of Covid-19 and long covid
  • reduce your knob's risk from Covid-19 and long covid (yes, really!)
  • reduce your family and friends' risk of Covid-19 and long covid
  • reduce key workers' risk of Covid-19 and long covid
  • reduce the risk of vaccine-resistant variants of Covid-19 developing.