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  1. Global Action on Men's Health


    The Men's Health Forum is a founder member of Global Action on Men's Health, ... a initiative aiming to tackle the poor health of men throughout the world. Globally, men die five years earlier ... substantially worse than women’s, yet this inequality has received little national, regional or global attention ... More

  2. GAMH webinar on men's health


    Watch the Global Action on Men’s Health webinar October 2019 in full. ... organisations of Global Action on Men’s Health (GAMH) for a webinar to discuss the strategy and how to encourage ... More

  3. Covid - 19 Statistics (International)


    (up from 46 the first time we published this data). This is based on data provided by  Global Health ... Global Health 50/50 and Professional ... More

  4. Man MOT: Key Lessons


    Consultant in Men’s Health and  Director of Global Action on Men’s Health Professional Attachment Size Man ... More

  5. Annual Report 2018


    the Men's Health Forum over the years and very influential in men's health issues globally ... supported and the first time globally that the WHO has done this. The wider health environment is becoming ... we've sought to reflect this in our communication and engagement. The newly created organisation Global ... More

  6. Fit For Farming foreword


    energetic UK farming community as we operate in global markets to feed a growing world population. Good ... More

  7. Annual Report 2022


    what action could be taken. We also tried to use our contacts in the global men's health movement ... to raise awareness- presenting on vaccination rates to the Men & COVID sub-group of the global ... meeting and starting to recruit other organisations in support- including Global Action on Men's ... More

  8. Annual Report 2019


    communication and engagement. We are also active supporters of the global men’s health movement as members of ... Global Action on Men’s Health – which is providing an excellent forum to engage and share best practice ... More

  9. Annual Report 2020


    together the latest global evidence on COVID and men and used this to write, as the year ended, to the ... More