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  1. Serious Drinking


    Alcohol made easy – new manual explains how it works, what it does and how you can manage it Order  bulk copies  or  individual copies  of 'Serious Drinking' from the Men's Health Forum shop View Serious Drinking in full below Many of us en ... More

  2. Railway Worker


    Revised and redeveloped, Railway Worker is an excellent example of a custom manual designed for male and female workers. View Railway Worker in full (pdf) More on custom manuals Visit our shop One man in five will die before he reaches 65 so how do you ke ... More

  3. Men And Cancer


    Everything you need to reduce your risk of cancer – men's health made easy Order bulk copies of 'Men And Cancer' from the Men's Health Forum shop View 'Men And Cancer' in full (pdf) Of the cancers that men and women ‘share’ ( ... More

  4. Healthy Heart


    Everything you need for a tip-top ticker – men's health made easy Order bulk copies of 'Healthy Heart' from the Men's Health Forum shop View Healthy Heart in full (pdf) Being a heart is a man-sized job these days. Hearts tend to get fo ... More

  5. Woman


    Woman is our popular companion manual to the Man Manual. Rewritten and completely redesigned, it's women's health made easy. For many years, the Men’s Health Forum have published health booklets for men. But customers in the private, public and ... More

  6. Your Body, Your Health foreword


    Foreword to Your Body, Your Health by transgender pioneer Mark Rees Enjoy being a woman! ‘Enjoy being a woman!’ the lady psychiatrist purred as I was being discharged after several months as a mental patient. I wasn’t ‘mental’, as we used to say then, jus ... More

  7. Your Body, Your Health


    Trans man? Your Body, Your Health explains the health choices for trans men, trans masculine and non-binary people Order individual copies or  bulk copies of Your Body, Your Health from the Men's Health Forum shop   View Your Body, Your Health in ful ... More

  8. Fit For Farming foreword


    Foreword by professor Alan White to the latest edition of the Men's Health Forum's Fit For Farming It is essential we are fit to farm The most valuable part of a farm is the people; without those hands working to feed the nation we all would be ... More

  9. Fit For Farming


    Men's health made easy- revised and completely redesigned, the latest edition of Fit For Farming Order an individual copy or bulk copies of Fit For Farming from the Men's Health Forum shop   View Fit For Farming in full below Want a version of F ... More

  10. Man to Man


    Gay men's health made easy- the manual for men who have sex with men Order individual or bulk copies of 'Man to Man' from the Men's Health Forum shop Buy Man to Man from Amazon on Kindle View Man To Man in full below One man in five wi ... More