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  1. Male attitudes to primary care


    Findings from the Forum's Opinion Leader survey, March 2016. Key findings Although the majority of working men would be able to see their GP if they needed to, some groups are less likely to be able to – including those that find it difficult to take ... More

  2. Improving GP access links


    Content on this website related to GP access. Our how to guides contain the latest on how to 'do' men's health. Our man manuals provide the information men need in an accessible easy way. These articles might also help: Easy Ways to Improve ... More

  3. Easy ways to improve GP access


    When it comes to making GPs more accessible, there are some cheap, easy wins to be had. In the UK, men are far more likely to die young than women- 40% of males die before the age of 75 compared to 26% of females. Indeed, even today, one man in five dies ... More

  4. Latest Research on GP access


    We all want to improve GP access but how can it be done? Here you'll find the latest research. A National Audit Office report on Improving patient access to general practice was published in January 2017. It says: 'We have not seen evidence that ... More

  5. How to improve men's health at work


    Putting good mental health into health and safety at work. This article by Men's Health Forum website editor Jim Pollard was originally published in Insight, the magazine of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM). It is enc ... More

  6. EDS2


    The Equality Delivery System for the NHS (EDS2): Guide to Engagement with the Local Voluntary Sector Professional Attachment Size EDS2 Guide 440.92 KB ... More

  7. Job Centres must address health inequalities


    The Men's Health Forum's evidence to the independent review into the effects on employment outcomes of drug or alcohol addiction and obesity. The Men's Health Forum has responded to Professor Dame Carol Black's consultation as part of ... More

  8. Call for gender approach to diabetes


    The Men's Health Forum's response to the consultation on the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme The Men’s Health Forum has urged the NHS to take account of gender in its National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP). Responding to con ... More

  9. Men's Health Forum @work


    How the Men's Health Forum can help you create a healthier workplace… Healthy workplace, healthy workers, healthy business. It ain't rocket science. The Men's Health Forum have a number of products and services that can help you get your ke ... More

  10. Ten questions for council scrutiny


    'Men Behaving Badly?' – a publication to help councillors ensure the local health system works for the men in their area. The Men’s Health Forum is providing councillors with the tools they need to hold their local health system to account on ge ... More