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  1. Let’s hear a realistic discussion of male mental health


    As a new survey shows that men with ‘macho’ attitudes are more likely to have mental health problems, Jim Pollard argues that reducing the alarming male suicide rates requires a new language as well as new services. There is a screaming contradiction at t ... More

  2. Laughter works


    John Ryan on how laughter can take you and your work colleagues to a better place. I am a comedian by trade. 'Have gob will travel' is my mantra. However, I now spend more of my time in offices than I do in comedy clubs. This is because I provid ... More

  3. Toolbox Talks Survey


    Thanks for downloading our Toolbox Talks. Create your own user feedback survey Professional ... More

  4. Beat Stress slideshow


    Free slideshow to play on any screen anywhere. Men's Health Forum slideshows can be shown on a loop wherever you have a screen to display your health messaging. Water cooler, canteen, reception, conference room, toilets … This Beat Stress slideshow o ... More

  5. Beat Stress Worksheet


    'Toolbox Talk' for Men's Health Week 2016. Toolbox Talks are a new product from the Men's Health Forum that aim to put the health back into health and safety. Toolbox Talks are an easy way to get over key health messages in a short acc ... More

  6. Slide shows


    Water cooler, canteen, reception, conference- put your health messages wherever you have a screen. What are your slideshows? Developed with a leading UK retailer, the Men's Health Forum slideshows are available in a variety of formats to be shown on ... More

  7. Men's Health Forum @work


    How the Men's Health Forum can help you create a healthier workplace… Healthy workplace, healthy workers, healthy business. It ain't rocket science. The Men's Health Forum have a number of products and services that can help you get your ke ... More

  8. Toolbox Talks


    Toolbox Talks- putting the health into health and safety What are Toolbox Talks? For employers and team leaders, toolbox talks are a way to get over key health messages in a short accessible manner. For your team members, toolbox talks are a fun and infor ... More

  9. John Ryan - the comedy contractor


    Want to put the ha-ha into health? You need comedian and men's health expert John Ryan. Who is John Ryan? John is an award-winning comedian who also works in men’s health. By combining comedy with practical advice, John is living proof that laughter ... More

  10. Toolbox Talks Feedback


    What do you think of our toolbox talks? If you've heard one of our toolbox talks, we'd love to know what you think. The survey should appear below but if it doesn't in your browser,  click here. Create your own user feedback survey Professi ... More