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  1. How to check your balls


    How to check your testicles for lumps. Dr Chris Steele explains how to check your nuts for lumps that could be testicular cancer. More information:  Testicle- FAQs     Your Health Out of scope ... More

  2. Man MOT Pod Cast #1


    'As easy as falling off a log'- legendary comedian (and former lumberjack) John Ryan tries Man MOT online chat to a GP.   Follow John on Twitter @comedyjohnryan and Facebook. Big thanks to Richard Morton Sound for the music. Your Health Out of s ... More

  3. World Cup Survival Guide PDF


    What to eat and drink and how to survive the penalty shoot out. Download our World Cup survival guide. Your Health Out of scope Attachment Size Men's Health Forum World Cup Survival Guide 419.24 KB ... More

  4. Is there an elephant in your bedroom?


    Tracey Cox explains how to discuss erection problems. Sometimes it just doesn't work out like you want it to. The bedroom stuff.  Pharmaceutical company Lilly interviewed men with erection problems and their partners in eight different countries. Thr ... More

  5. An article with video


    Summary of article Body of article Your Health ... More

  6. An audio article


    Summary of audio article Body of audio article 04/02/14 06/02/14 20/02/14 Your Health In scope ... More