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  1. FAQ - Living with Covid - 19


    have certain preexisting conditions (like diabetes and lung or heart disease), have a weaker immune ... Breathlessness Cough Sore throat Heart symptoms like chest tightness, chest pain or palpitations Fatigue and ... survivors'. Doctors are not entirely sure what causes the link. Erection problems are linked to poor heart ... More

  2. DIY Man MOT


    to the heart’s efficiency. Joggers and other fitness enthusiasts will get very excited about resting ... starting an exercise programme.) The NHS also offers a more detailed  What's Your Heart Age? tool. ... and at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer - check out our  Get Fit section  over 40 ... More

  3. FAQ - Going to Work FAQs


    responsible for as many deaths as heart disease. Recognising stress and knowing how to deal with it will help ... gets the heart and the hormones going, helps you sleep and reduces irritability. (It's ideal if ... a choccie biccie. Tea and dark chocolate are good sources of the flavonoids which prevent heart disease and ... More

  4. Should I go to A&E?


    think you need urgent medical attention. For example: If you think you might be having a heart attack ... (Full heart attack symptoms  from the NHS.) If you think you may be having a stroke. (Full  stroke ... More

  5. Haringey health links


    certain risk factors is entitled every five years to a free check to assess their risk of heart disease, ... More

  6. FAQ - FAQs Psoriasis


    psoriasis and the likelihood of heart disease. Scientists suspect that inflammation is the link. How can ... heart-related inflammation, comorbid conditions and psoriasis medications — may be to blame. How might psoriasis ... More

  7. FAQ - Penis Basics FAQs


    Stanley, The bean buster, The Blade, The Gadget, The Gun, The Gunner, The Hammer, The Heart breaker, The ... More

  8. FAQ - 'Long Covid' FAQs


    different symptoms affecting may parts of the body. These include: Breathlessness Cough Sore throat Heart ... More

  9. FAQ - FAQs: Covid - 19 (the virus)


    existing health issues (such as diabetes or diseases of the lungs, heart or liver). For this reason, older ... More

  10. FAQ - Heart health FAQs


    How to be good to your ticker. And how to find out your 'heart age'. Tune your engine by ... using the right fuels. The heart needs:  fresh air a balanced diet   a healthy weight  regular exercise ... and  a relaxed attitude.  Heart disease is caused when the arteries that pump your blood get damaged ... More