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  1. FAQ - Food FAQs


    Food is great. It tastes delicious and gives our bodies the energy and nutrients we need to stay alive and well. What's not to like? What's the point of a so-called healthy diet? Enjoying a healthy diet can give us that life-enhancing edge, in b ... More

  2. FAQ - Bowel Cancer FAQs


    looser or runny stools Unexplained weight loss Extreme tiredness for no reason A pain or lump in your ... More

  3. FAQ - Foot Care FAQs


    your toes – your big toe works really hard all day taking 40-60% of your body weight. The shoe lining ... More

  4. FAQ - Heart health FAQs


    using the right fuels. The heart needs:  fresh air a balanced diet   a healthy weight  regular exercise ... More

  5. FAQ - Testosterone FAQs


    and an increase in weight and the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Whether reduced testosterone is ... testosterone available to the body so losing weight and cutting down on fatty foods and beer may help.  Vitamin ... strength and increase weight and the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Is it a good idea to take ... More

  6. DIY Man MOT


    Test 2: Are you overloaded?  The simplest guide to whether you’re carrying too much weight is your ... professional If you’re putting on weight, see our Get Fit section. But if you have been losing weight for no ... More

  7. FAQ - How to boost your self - image


    a job, putting on weight or breaking up with someone: all of these can dent our self-image. None of these ... More

  8. FAQ - Alcohol FAQs


    weight-gain — a pint of beer contains nearly 200 calories (more than a packet of crisps); heart problems ... More

  9. FAQ - Digestive Problems FAQs


    should I do? You can start by helping yourself. By losing weight (if you are overweight), quitting ... More

  10. FAQ - Testicles FAQs


    hand. Note the size and weight of your testicles. This will help you to detect any changes in the ... More