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  1. FAQ - Sleeping FAQs


    apnoea by improving breathing, toning slack muscles and reducing body weight. Ease the pressure Keep your ... More

  2. FAQ - Hernia FAQs


    tips should help: Try to maintain a healthy weight Exercise to tone the abdominal muscles Get medical ... More

  3. FAQ - Peptic Ulcers FAQs


    appetite, though this is more common in stomach ulcers. Unexplained weight loss. Bleeding, which may be ... More

  4. Brian: 'Don't leave it too late to act on weight'


    I recently had an HbA1c test and my blood sugar is still highish. It’s better when I’m losing weight but ... notice of your weight. It gets harder as you get older. Type 2 can be put into reverse and it’s much ... easier to lose weight at 45 than 65. After reading his interview when we first published it in Diabetes ... More

  5. Do you have a hazardous waist?


    Wales alone around 50,000 deaths will be down to excess weight. Find a tape measure and measure your ... More

  6. Don't use Covid as an excuse to ignore symptoms


    lump, weight loss which feels significant to you or an unexplained pain that lasts three weeks or more, ... More

  7. Mike: I had my 70th birthday in a coma


    I entered hospital and 11 stone 6 pounds on discharge. It’s not the way I’d recommend to lose weight. I’m ... More

  8. 'Jogging, writing - lockdown was an opportunity…'


    sports halls closed down at a stroke. How would I cope? The spectre of weight-gain through lack of ... intake may have increased, but my weight has reduced by 16 pounds so far. I jog every other day and ... More

  9. John: 'Monitoring my numbers helps me manage'


    I began to lose weight and was passing a lot of water. I do feel I brought diabetes on myself. My diet was ... sugary and starchy food and I’m currently losing weight, which is what I want to do. Porridge every day. ... do Weight Watchers, I respond to that discipline. A while back, my practice nurse gave me a good ... More

  10. Ben: 'I was very hard - working. Probably too much.'


    It was such a shock.  By the time of diagnosis, I’d lost a lot of weight. And, shortly after, the ... walk the dog and swim, ride the bike or go to the gym. I keep my weight in check and watch what I eat. ... More