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  1. What is BMI?


    Body Mass Index helps you see if you're a healthy weight for your height. What is BMI? BMI ... (or Body Mass Index) is a way of working out if you’re a healthy weight for your height. How do you ... work it out? BMI = [ Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Metres x Height in Metres)] or to put it another ... More

  2. It's good to chalk: snooker and health


    instructor himself. Holt says: it’s all about personal preference. I lift weights because that’s what ... Static bike, yoga, weights, stretching, there are all sorts of exercises you can do while half-watching ... More

  3. Ask Scott: A beginner's guide to gym equipment


    weights, resistance machines are often a very useful tool for some people; again make sure you know how to ... weights. This may cost you some money and take a little time, but the results will be worth it. Talk us ... legs. Because there is no weight-bearing they are safe to use by almost anyone, even people recovering ... More

  4. Ask Scott: the Caveman, the Strong and the Puma


    10%. This means Sebastien is carrying no dead weight which enables him to be such an explosive player. ... sort of thing that enable him to be explosive on the pitch. So if it's weight-lifting it will be ... very heavy weights. he'll do short sharp reps. He won't run or cycle a long-distance. ... More

  5. 10 things every man can do to improve fertility


    the semen. Maintain a healthy weight and improve your diet Being overweight can affect your sperm and ... a healthy weight you should still eat a broad, healthy diet- high in fruit and vegetables and low in fat. ... Regular exercise may help fertility by controlling body weight and relieving stress. Watch what you drink ... More

  6. Man MOT Podcast #3


    Comedian John Ryan shares his philosophy on eating and drinking. Website editor Jim Pollard says 'yeah' a lot. As the Men's Health Forum publishes its latest man manual Eat. Drink. Don't Diet, comedian John Ryan discusses cheese, chips ... More

  7. Mehboob: 'my heart attack will make me a better doctor'


    weights, 30 press-ups, 30 squats, 30 burpees. We repeated it three times. The other guys were all ... More

  8. Top five tips


    Watch their weight Why these five? Men are less likely to lead a healthly lifestyle. They are more ... More

  9. Ryan Resolves


    people seem to hope for is to lose weight and get fit. Anyone who uses the gym all year round knows to ... amongst the light-weights. Think about it. The Pope, Theresa May, David Cameron are not renowned drinkers. ... More

  10. Don't be a tit over breast reduction


    weight-loss. Tell us more about the man boobs op. Male breast development usually starts in early teenage years ... techniques that men sometimes try, neither of which really work. Some men eat too much to put on weight to ... Liposuction removes a percentage of the active fat in a particular area. If you put on weight it won’t go on ... More