Common problems

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  1. Mid - life crisis


    Night sweats Dry skin Hair loss Weight gain A loss of ability to recover quickly from injuries Several ... running, cycling or swimming, with some resistance work, such as weight training. It's vital to get ... More

  2. Moses: 'Listen to your body. Talk to Man MOT.'


    infection, which I  ignored for the best part of a year. When I started  to cough up blood and lose weight ... More

  3. Cancer


    Unexplained bleeding Unexplained weight loss A lump or swelling Unexplained pain Cancer Research UK reckon ... More

  4. How to look after your back


    weight evenly and know your limits. Exercise will both prevent and reduce back pain. If you’re ... More

  5. Can food make you better at sport?


    walking off a meal reduces the rise in blood sugar and fat levels that can lead to weight gain, hardening ... of vigorous exercise) a week is recommended. If you also want to lose weight, you should be active ... an athlete who requires energy without fluid (eg. gymnast, weight lifter). Do I really need them? ... More

  6. Phil: 'I thought I had a bad back'


    You need to assess your priorities. Mine are eating and keeping up my weight. Your weight determines ... More

  7. The one diet tip every man should know


    helps digestion and weight loss. An example of the evidence? Two groups of men were asked to chew each ... More

  8. The only diet that always works


    currently eating alongside your current exercise levels has resulted in weight gain. Simple as that. You ... More

  9. Symptom Watch


    vomit or when you cough or bleeding from your backside) Unexplained weight-loss These could be signs of ... too tight round the middle? This is almost certainly a sign you're putting on weight! If you want ... More

  10. Be a Haringey Health Champion


    activity  Healthy eating (achieving and maintaining a healthy weight)  Smoking cessation  Reducing alcohol ... More