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  1. FAQ - Man MOT FAQs


    Sounds great. But how does Man MOT work? What is Man MOT? Man MOT is a free, confidential online health information service designed by and for men in England. You  can use it at anytime. You can text chat directly to an NHS GP about any health problem at ... More

  2. Useful Links


    Links to useful health organisations Inclusion on this list does not imply any endorsement by the Men's Health Forum. It includes organisations for both men and women. FEELING DESPERATE? Samaritans Telephone: 116 123 Emotional support 24/7 www.samari ... More

  3. Brian: 'Don't leave it too late to act on weight'


    Brian is in his 60s. He has type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed at 50. I’ve always been overweight, even as a child. I noticed that I was drinking a lot of water. That was the trigger. The GP did a urine test there and then.  Now I have three medicines: metf ... More

  4. Ben: 'I was very hard - working. Probably too much.'


    Ben is in his late 40s. He has type 1 diabetes with some type 2 characteristics. About four years ago I suddenly noticed I was breathless and urinating all the time. I didn’t have my energy.  I went to the GP a couple of times. They said an ear infection ... More

  5. John: 'Monitoring my numbers helps me manage'


    John is in his 50s. He has type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed 13 years ago. I was overweight. Then I began to lose weight and was passing a lot of water. I do feel I brought diabetes on myself. My diet was terrible. I still remember the night before my diag ... More

  6. World Cup 2018 Survival Guide


    What's the World Cup got to do with diabetes? Well, the odds on you getting diabetes are about the same as on Argentina winning. Still think you don't need our World Cup Survival Guide? You can download a simple version of this guide to print ou ... More

  7. Mehboob: 'my heart attack will make me a better doctor'


    Mehboob Kahan is a doctor with a particular interest in head injury. At the age of 55, he had a heart attack. I went to the gym just round the corner as usual. I go nearly everyday. We do a work-out of the day at 4pm when we exercise together. There were ... More

  8. Ryan Resolves


    Comedian John Ryan would love to make some new year resolutions but none of them are logical. It’s the New Year and for some reason everyone wants to make a change. It is just a date on the calendar, but every year it sends some people into frenzy for fre ... More

  9. Vasectomy: a kick in the balls?


    Post-vasectomy pain is rarely talked about … In 2009, Kieran Brennan wrote this: It is not like to having an in-growing toenail removed. Expect a fair degree of bruising and discomfort for the first week to ten days. Don't be taken in by the pre-op p ... More

  10. What is #works4me?


    It's about sharing suggestions for difficult situations. #works for me is part of the Men's Health Forum's service. What's the difference? lets you email or text chat with a stress specialist on a one to one ... More