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  1. Man MOT Podcast #4


    On the eve of a very big day for John Ryan- his first ever NHS Health Check- the comedian discusses the Men's Health Forum's new Man Manual. (Funnier than it sounds.) The much-awaited new Man Manual is here. Comedian John Ryan discusses his upco ... More

  2. Ashes Survival Guide


    Because in life there is no second innings. What could be better for your wellbeing than a pleasant day at the cricket- especially England versus Australia. But, the Ashes series can be very bad for your health especially if you celebrate your victory too ... More

  3. The Gay Man's Good Sex Guide


    The ins and outs of safer, greater sex. I’m scared of bottoming Most gay men will consider bottoming at some time. However, the thought of doing it for the first time can be scary. Don’t let that put you off.  You may prefer to douche before bottoming, es ... More

  4. The Internet and health


    Where to find information and buy drugs online. Where can I find decent health information online? Choose sites that display the NHS England Information Standard ‘Health and care information you can trust’ logo. (You can see the logo on page 2.) Be scepti ... More

  5. Technology and health


    How to make your gizmos and gadgets work for you.  I use technology all the time. Any worries? Staying in the same position for too long, especially unnatural positions like on the train or on the couch, may affect your back. The screen may affect your ey ... More

  6. How to look after your back


    Is back pain the main cause of days off work? In the UK, 15 million working days were lost to back pain in 2013. It is the main cause of long-term sickness absence. The key thing is to keep active. Immobility weakens muscles and range of movement. Think a ... More

  7. Are e - cigarettes OK?


    Will vaping lead you out of smoking- or into it? If you used to smoke and now vape, e-cigarettes may be a step in the right direction. But watch out: the step between smoking and not smoking is smaller when you vape so it’s easier to slip back into the to ... More

  8. Hepatitis


    There are three sexually-transmitted types of hep: A, B and C Like HIV, it is possible to have hepatitis without realising it. The only signs this blood-borne liver disease may be a short flu-like illness. There are three sexually-transmitted forms of hep ... More

  9. Domestic violence: on the receiving end?


    Are you being abused? What is domestic violence? Domestic violence can happen in any relationship and can happen to anyone.  What is it? How do I know if I'm being abused? Each person’s experience will be unique but  if you are in an abusive relation ... More

  10. Domestic violence: you dishing it out?


    How to avoid being an abuser. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence can happen in any relationship and can happen to anyone.  What is it? ​I am inflicting domestic violence Victims of domestic abuse are not the only  ones who need help. It takes st ... More