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  1. Be a Haringey Health Champion


    Volunteer to be a Man MOT Health Champion and make a difference- free training and incentives Do you have good communication skills?  Do you have regular contact with local Haringey men?  Got a day a week to spare?  Interested in FREE training?   What do ... More

  2. Steve: 'Cancer need not involve chemotherapy if you catch it early’


    Haringey man Steve Browne had bowel cancer in his 40s. Now he’s urging other men to get an early diagnosis. I was an active, fit and healthy man. I had had a history of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) so whenever I had stomach cramps I put it down to IBS. ... More

  3. Nigel: ‘A pharmacist saved my life’


    Pharmacists aren’t just for aspirin, you can get a lot good advice too. For Haringey man Nigel Brown, it saved his life. In December 2010, I had a cold. That wasn’t unusual. I worked in a hot kitchen. But this one just lingered on and eventually I went to ... More

  4. Kevin: 'Get a health check'


    Haringey man Kevin says an NHS Health Check is easy. I'm in my early forties and to find out that in the UK a man under the age of 75 dies every five minutes was a bit of a shock. Like most guys I would only go to doctors when there was something tha ... More

  5. A plumber for my prostate?


    THE LIFE OF RYAN: Comedian John Ryan on a nervous ten minutes in the doctor's waiting room. The doctor’s surgery is a dangerous place for me. I am prone to hypochondria and am easily distracted. As I waited for a check up, I saw the poster: 'Pro ... More

  6. A team without fans?


    Prostate cancer survivor and football fan John Walker on why he doesn't support Men United. I love football. I do, really. A choice was made and, some 50 years later, the passion is as strong as ever. Manchester City is my drug of choice. I’ve had a ... More

  7. John: I told my GP I respected him. But if I'd followed his advice I'd probably be dead.


    John Walker was 46 and in good health when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is his story. I'll never forget the day I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I sat open-mouthed, looking at the specialist who had delivered the bowel-twitching n ... More

  8. Mid - life crisis: the best thing that ever happened to you?


    We call it a crisis but that mid-life moment of truth is actually to be expected and, argues MHF websites editor Jim Pollard, even welcomed. Most of the emails to MHF male health are from men — no surprise there. But when we do hear from women, by far the ... More

  9. Denis: 'Why I talk about my new penis'


    Talking helps but it's not always easy. For Denis Taylor the subject he needed to talk about was probably the toughest of all: penile surgery. I shook his hand and thanked him for saving my life. The doctor looked at me without emotion. 'I' ... More

  10. Chris: 'I've only had one person walk out at the sight of my cock.'


    Chris has severe hypospadias. From the age of about 2, I had surgery in hospital every 18 months until I was 16. By then I could pee standing up. My mum talked about it a bit when I was a child but I can't remember much. I think I've blocked a l ... More