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  1. FAQ - Going to Work FAQs


    drugs; shorter temper; reduced attention; inability to focus; and loss of interest in sex, appearance and ... just looking at water can have, swimming is probably the best bet for stress. have sex- making love ... More

  2. Should I go to A&E?


    emergency contraception? Emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex must be taken ... More

  3. FAQ - FAQs Psoriasis


    affect sex? It isn’t fully understood why, but research suggests that sexual dysfunction occurs in over ... More

  4. FAQ - Loss of sex drive FAQs


    Loss of interest in sex (or loss of libido) isn’t unusual. It affects up to one in five men at ... interest in sex- tiredness, anxiety, depression. Deal with those challenges and your sexual desire will ... probably come back. Make sure that any medical treatment doesn’t make the sex problem worse. Low sex drive ... More

  5. FAQ - Penis Basics FAQs


    or even painful to enter your partner during sex.  It could be condition called Peyronie's. This ... More

  6. FAQ - FAQs: the Covid - 19 vaccine


    Covid may not kill you but it may kill your sex life.) Where will I get the vaccine? You can book ... More

  7. FAQ - HPV vaccination FAQs


    have sex with other men, perhaps only occasionally, you could be at greater risk of HPV infection and ... the diseases it causes.  You should also read the following section. Should men who have sex with men ... get vaccinated? These are the main arguments for having a HPV vaccination if you have sex with men: ... More

  8. FAQ - Staying at home FAQs


    Declutter. Do a deep clean. Do the garden, if you have one. DIY. Clean the car. And, there’s always sex ... More

  9. Prostate cancer screening: where are we now?


    can also be elevated by a urinary tract infection or even vigorous sex or cycling. Moreover, prostate ... More

  10. FAQ - HPV virus FAQs


    sexual partner can get HPV although people who have many partners, or who have sex with someone who has ... common in men who have sex with other men. Over 140 men in the UK died from anal cancer in 2014. Penile ... children as well as adults of both sexes and can be difficult to cure. Isn't there a vaccine against ... More