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  1. Health over 50


    Useful links for visitors over 50. Screening, lifestyle and disease awareness including diabetes, prostate and erection problems. Men are living longer. (Still not as long as women but you can't have everything.) Fifty years ago, few men lived much b ... More

  2. How are you really?


    Some questions to ask yourself. How are you? That question is difficult to answer accurately.  We all say ‘fine’ if someone asks. The fourteen questions here are widely used to help health professionals go a bit deeper than this. You can use them to help ... More

  3. Do you have a hazardous waist?


    Are you overweight? There's a very easy way to check. Get a tape measure. Being overweight increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer. Next year in England and Wales alone around 50,000 deaths will be down to exce ... More

  4. FAQ - 'Long Covid' FAQs


    People ill with Covid-19 can experience many varied and debilitating symptoms long after the initial virus has passed. What is ‘Long Covid’? Long Covid is yet another way in which the Covid-19 virus is different from other viruses like the flu. Long Covid ... More

  5. Be a Covid volunteer


    Volunteering is good for mental wellbeing. Stay safe. Non-health professionals: Local volunteer scheme Health professionals: NHS Covid-19 vaccine team Your Health Out of scope ... More

  6. FAQ - FAQs: the Covid - 19 vaccine


    FAQs on the various vaccines for Covid-19 (Updated 8th Jan 2021) This page is about the Covid-19 vaccine. For more information living with the virus now, see FAQS: Living with Covid-19. For more on the virus itself including symptoms, tests etc, see FAQs ... More

  7. Don't use Covid as an excuse to ignore symptoms


    The NHS is still here for you. If you want to stay safe, tell a GP about your symptoms. The NHS is still there for you - it's not just about Covid-19. Research suggests that Covid-19 is changing the way we are accessing NHS services. A recent survey ... More

  8. Andrew, 28: Even our sex life was affected


    Andrew was just 28 when he got Covid-19 in March 2020. I was abroad in Paris. It wasn't pleasant and I was breaking out in sweats, regularly feeling very hot. I had a terrible cough for around four weeks. At the time, there was no test. I was told I ... More

  9. FAQ - FAQs: Covid - 19 (the virus)


    Health information about the virus including risk, symptoms and testing (Updated 18th Jan 2020) This article is about the virus itself. For information on how the virus is affecting how we live our everyday lives see: FAQs: Living with Covid-19. For infor ... More

  10. Martin: I forgot the word 'ventilator'


    Martin was just 42 when Covid-19 struck in March 2020. On 25 March I was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. My asthma had been problematic for a few days and I’d been to A&E twice before. Not only did I have difficulty in breathing, but ... More