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  1. BeatStress.UK: Useful Services


    Links and numbers for useful services for dealing with stress, anger and other mental health challenges Suicidal or in crisis?   Samaritans 116 123 Other useful services NHS Choices ... More

  2. Euro 2016 Survival Guide


    If 442 is not your team’s formation but the number of calories you consume before half-time, you need our Euro 2016 Survival Guide You can download a simple version of this guide to print out here. What are the odds? Are you going to survive Euro 2106? Le ... More

  3. Steve: 'my walking workout'


    Forget the gym. Business consultant and musician Steve Joy says there's a cheaper, better alternative on your doorstep. I’d always enjoyed walking but it was usually restricted to the occasional week-end or a holiday in a place where there was good w ... More

  4. Cancer


    Links to all our cancer FAQs More of us are getting cancer but more of us are surviving it. This means that if you have any symptoms you're worried about, you have two more good reasons to see the GP sooner rather than later. Do more people get cance ... More

  5. Phil: 'I thought I had a bad back'


    Rugby player Phil Jackson thought he’d got injured in the scrum. It turned out to be bowel cancer. Looking back, I think I’d had bowel symptoms for a few years. I’d always been very regular as regards visits to the bathroom but suddenly that was gone. I p ... More

  6. Screening for older men


    The NHS provides screening for two major killers of older men: bowel cancer and AAAs. (You're also entitled to free eye tests at 60.) What is screening? Screening has nothing to do with the cinema. It’s all about preventing you developing health prob ... More

  7. CJ: 'Realising I am trans has been the best thing in my life'


    CJ Bruce on identifying as 'genderqueer' and preferring they/their pronouns. I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago where I lived until I was 14 years old, at which point I moved to London with my family. As a kid in the Caribbean, I had little idea w ... More

  8. Top five tips


    There are many things we can do to improve our health but which five actions will make the biggest difference? It's not an easy question to answer as it's impossible to do a controlled trial comparing different actions but the Men's Health ... More

  9. Leo: 'Don't you have enough going on?'


    Leo Collins on being trans and having cerebral palsy. I began my transition over three years ago and that was when I realised my true sexuality. I think it was because I finally felt happy in my body so I felt comfortable being a man with a man!  I though ... More

  10. Trans Men - useful links


    Links to information from the Men's Health Forum's manual Your Body, Your Health- health choices made easy for trans men, trans masculine and non-binary people There's more on Your Body, Your Health- health choices made easy for trans men, ... More