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  1. FAQ - Dementia FAQs


    Dementia rates are increasing as we live longer. What is dementia? Dementia is not a single disease. It is a group of symptoms associated with thinking.  NICE put the symptoms of dementia into three groups: Cognitive dysfunction (thinking problems) Psychi ... More

  2. Drugs at work FAQs


    Drugs, the law and work. The law is not a good guide when it comes to the safety of drugs. Some drugs like alcohol and tobacco are very dangerous yet legal while others that appear less harmful are illegal. But the key point is: all drugs whether legal or ... More

  3. The stadium of hate


    As Men’s Health Week approaches, Jim Pollard looks inside the male mind. This year’s Men’s Health Week focuses on stress. We want to get men talking about how they beat stress and I’ve been trying to think of a way to start the discussion. (It’s been quit ... More

  4. BeatStress.UK: Useful Services


    Links and numbers for useful services for dealing with stress, anger and other mental health challenges Suicidal or in crisis?   Samaritans 08457 90 90 90 Other useful services NHS Choices ... More

  5. FAQ - Self - harm FAQs


    Men self-harm too. But you can control it. Don’t only girls self-harm? The ‘official’ statistics may suggest that females are far more likely to self-harm than males but self-harm is not uncommon in boys and men. Another myth is that only young people do ... More

  6. FAQ - Suicide FAQs


    What to do if you're feeling shit. I feel suicidal If you are having very black thoughts or considering killing yourself, talk to someone. If, for whatever reason, you cannot talk to family or friends, there are several organisations who can help: Th ... More

  7. FAQ - The Penis FAQs


    The Tool-Kit: how to look after your tackle. Frequently asked questions including ejaculation, size, cancer and masturbation. The penis, as you have probably discovered, is used for peeing, making babies and generally having fun with. You're very luc ... More

  8. FAQ - Syphilis FAQs


    A disease of the past? No. Syphilis is alive and kicking despite effective treatments What is it? A thankfully uncommon but very unpleasant sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium. What are the main symptoms? The symptoms often follow four phas ... More

  9. FAQ - HIV & AIDs FAQs


    HIV is as serious as ever but over the last 10 years, treatments have greatly improved. What is HIV? Human Immunoinsufficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that is passed from partner to partner via blood or body fluid transmission. You can get it from vaginal, ... More

  10. FAQ - Gonorrhoea FAQs


    Also known as 'The Clap', this sexually transmitted infection has a notorious reputation. What is it? Probably the best-known STI. It's caused by a bacteria that lives in moist, warm parts of the body. What are the main symptoms? One in ten ... More