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  1. The five ways to wellbeing


    Five tried and tested ways to feel better right now. There is good evidence that five specific things can make a big difference to someone’s sense of wellbeing. They’re called the Five Ways To Wellbeing. The Five Ways are valuable in their own right. They ... More

  2. Anxiety FAQs


    When should we start worrying about how much we're worrying? Everybody feels anxious from time to time- a little worried, a bit uneasy. Usually fretting about the future. Exam nerves. A job interview. Catching a train. However, sometimes the anxiety ... More

  3. 'I've lost Nine friends to the pandemic'


    John is philosophical about death but says Covid-19 and social distancing have taken away more than just people. I know nine people who have died from Covid, three were close. I was waking up everyday and someone I knew had gone. My late mum used to start ... More

  4. FAQ - Loss of sex drive FAQs


    Loss of interest in sex (or loss of libido) isn’t unusual. It affects up to one in five men at some point. Loss of libido is no fun. Usually, it’s short-term – after a life-changing event like pregnancy or childbirth. But if it lasts longer, it can be a s ... More

  5. My experience is…


    Covid stories: the real people behind the headlines. Interviews with men and women who have seen the  impact of Covid-19. Men and Covid-19 Lennie: 'I went from a mild breathing difficulty to 100% oxygen overnight'  Martin: 'I forgot the wor ... More

  6. Lennie: I went from a mild breathing difficulty to 100% oxygen overnight


    Lennie is an IT instructor from London. He’s had Covid-19. I didn’t realise I had Covid-19. I had none of the main symptoms. No cough or fever. Just a scratchy throat. I was training at Liverpool Street. I remember feeling a bit weak, struggling to carry ... More

  7. FAQ - Foot Care FAQs


    Whether on site or in the office, don't put your foot in it at work. If you’re on your feet most of the day at work, your legs and feet are probably the most important piece of equipment you use at work. You can replace a lost screwdriver or broken c ... More

  8. 'I can’t be violent, I’m a vegetarian'


    The helpline teams on the domestic abuse frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic. Domestic abuse has increased during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ and men on both sides are affected. Generally, women are twice as likely to experience domestic abuse as men (abou ... More

  9. FAQ - ED drugs


    FAQs on the drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. What drugs are there for erectile dysfunction? A class of drugs called Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors is widely used and effective. They increase the blood flow to your penis ... More

  10. Covid - 19: Honest communications


    We need clear, frank targeted communication both on Covid-19 and the measures taken to tackle it. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began earlier this year, the Forum has been urging government and others to communicate directly with men with clear targeted age ... More