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  1. Finding a GP


    How to register with a local doctor's practice The GP, the local doctor, is the first point of contact when you are ill or want health advice.  As well as doctors, many local GP practices have a team including practice nurses, sometimes counsellors a ... More

  2. NHS support now


    If you need support with mental wellbeing, these are the key NHS links. You may be able to speak to someone sooner than you think. The NHS mental health hub Find a talking therapy near you (no need to see your GP- you can self refer) Links to all the char ... More

  3. FAQ - FAQs: Covid - 19 (the virus)


    Health information about the virus including risk, symptoms and testing (Updated 24th January 2022) This article is about the virus itself. For information on how the virus is affecting how we live our everyday lives see: Covid basics: Living with the vir ... More

  4. FAQ - Staying at home FAQs


    Covid-19: every man’s guide to the great indoors If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, there's no need to go mad. Check out our guide to staying at home successfully. Whether you’re self-isolating or social-distancing, we hope you’ll find somethi ... More

  5. FAQ - Covid basics: Living with the virus


    How can we reduce the impact of the coronavirus Covid-19? (Updated 24th January 2022) This page is about living with Covid-19. For more information on the virus itself including symptoms, tests etc, see FAQs Covid-19 (the virus). For more on the vaccine, ... More

  6. He and Him


    You wouldn't always know it but men are a very diverse group. Our new podcast on identifying as male. Listen to "He and Him" on Spreaker. In the droning discourse of identity politics, the myriad ways in which we all identify can be lost in ... More

  7. Miscarriage and men


    Euan Bruce discusses the impact of a partner's miscarriage on men and the support available. One in 4 women are likely to suffer a miscarriage in their lifetime and for some, it can be a very traumatic experience. It is life changing for women and al ... More

  8. How are you really?


    Some questions to ask yourself. How are you? That question is difficult to answer accurately.  We all say ‘fine’ if someone asks. The fourteen questions here are widely used to help health professionals go a bit deeper than this. You can use them to help ... More

  9. Do you have a hazardous waist?


    Are you overweight? There's a very easy way to check. Get a tape measure. Being overweight increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer. Next year in England and Wales alone around 50,000 deaths will be down to exce ... More

  10. Be a Covid volunteer


    Volunteering is good for mental wellbeing. Stay safe. Non-health professionals: Local volunteer scheme Health professionals: NHS Covid-19 vaccine team Your Health Out of scope ... More