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  1. FAQ - Going to Work FAQs


    than a quarter of the whole population. Here are three easy exercises you can do at work to avoid back ... hours also means less time for your family, your friends, your social life and for exercise.  The long ... clearly again. swim- actually, any physical exercise will help but when you add the relaxing effect that ... More

  2. Finding a GP


    on smoking, exercise, diet etc, run clinics, offer health-checks, give vaccinations, take blood and ... More

  3. FAQ - Exercise FAQs


    How to get active, the easy way. Don’t underestimate it. If exercise were a drug, we’d all want to ... take it. Exercise boosts physical and mental wellbeing and helps you live longer.  ... heart disease and stroke and a 50% lower risk of diabetes and of bowel cancer.  Regular exercisers also ... More

  4. Erection problems - Everything you need to know


    weight, taking exercise and beating stress 19:20- Medication (Viagra and Cialis): the fifth thing you ... More

  5. FAQ - Fitness Basics FAQs


    There is a lot of exercise advice online. Here's the basics in a few hundred words. There’s ... your favourite scientific journal, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, found that the 20% with ... How much exercise should I do? According to the Department of Heath all adults should; Be active ... More

  6. FAQ - Staying at home FAQs


    an extended exercise in being in the moment, with yourself and being OK with it. As well as getting ... go out to exercise everyday- walk, run, a bike ride. But stay local. At home, you can still exercise ... exercise rather than high intensity stuff. Yoga is good physically and mentally. Dancing is a great ... More

  7. FAQ - Type 2 Diabetes FAQs


    2 diabetes treated? If you can’t control your type 2 using diet and exercise alone, you may be prescribed ... More

  8. FAQ - Diabetes FAQs


    makes sense for all of us to understand the basics. What’s more, the best advice on diet and exercise is ... More

  9. FAQ - Heart health FAQs


    using the right fuels. The heart needs:  fresh air a balanced diet   a healthy weight  regular exercise ... blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes lack of exercise being overweight family history. Know your ... More

  10. FAQ - Bowel Cancer FAQs


    overweight and don’t exercise. What are the symptoms? Look out for: Bleeding from your back passage and/or ... More